Third times a Charm

I’ve had blogs in the past but didn’t stick with them for very long. I sure hope I can keep up with the times and update this new blog often.

Lately I have been one busy Momma and not just because I have a very busy 22 month old boy to keep me on my toes. Over a year ago I received a sewing machine as a christmas gift. It took me 11 months just to get the guts to take it out of the box and try using it. Now, when I was in middle school it was a requirement that everyone had to take cooking/sewing classes. Somehow I bypassed that requirement and never really wanted to learn how to sew until now. I was quite busy making handmade rag quilts (6 of them) for christmas gifts this past year, but I loved how they all turned out.

Handmade for my Sister in law

Now that the holidays have passed I have been spending more time making baby items. So far I’ve only tried blankets which have all turned out to my liking, but I am hoping to try to make some clothes very soon, especially the ever so cute ruffled diaper covers.


2 thoughts on “Third times a Charm

    • I love them and they are easy to make. I used two different prints of flannel. There is a good tutorial on youtube if you just search for rag quilts. With the flannel you dont need to use any batting but you can if you want a super warm blanket.

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