Once upon a pond

Aside from a couple extra touches, such as shelves and curtains, the baby’s nursery is finished. I’ve even added a couple of my own special DIY crafty touches to the room. I couldn’t wait to use a fun Pinterest inspired idea to make her hang her name on the wall as well as making a cute hair bow holder for all her accessories. I am in love with the colors of her room and impressed with myself for finding the matching colors to her bedding and furniture on the first try, normally this would take a couple trips to Home Depot for some sample paints. Actually painting the room was a bit more of a challenge because we usually had to wait until nap time for Andrew, otherwise I’m certain he would have carried some paint through the house and surely he would have wanted to “help.” Andrew has been excited about the new nursery, so much so that he often tries to climb into the crib, or throws in a few toys. I’m pretty certain that I might find a sleeping baby with a few extra toys around her in the near future or quite possibly two sleeping children.

Time is going very quickly now….5 more weeks until her arrival! Continue reading


She’s Crafty

I feel like Little Miss Suzy Homemaker or quite possibly the new Martha Stewart lately! With only two months left until our little bundle of joy is welcomed into the world I’ve been making baby things left and right! My latest projects include receiving blankets, a carseat canopy, and burp cloths.

The carseat canopy was very easy to make, and similar to making a receiving blanket. What a perfect way to keep the baby away from all of the great things mother nature has to offer (bright sun, wind, rain, etc). I used two different cotton fabrics (one yard each) and also added a yard of batting in the middle. The only thing I might change about this project would be the length of the straps, the ones I made seem a bit too long but still serve their purpose.

I’ve searched through many tutorials of burp cloths through Pinterest and I found that I love these ones the best: Simple Burp Cloths and I think it’s because of their shape. They’re very original and not something you’d ever see in stores. I actually altered the tutorial just a wee bit – I used a piece of cotton fabric, flannel fabric, and a 3ply cloth diaper (for thicker absorbency).

Third times a Charm

I’ve had blogs in the past but didn’t stick with them for very long. I sure hope I can keep up with the times and update this new blog often.

Lately I have been one busy Momma and not just because I have a very busy 22 month old boy to keep me on my toes. Over a year ago I received a sewing machine as a christmas gift. It took me 11 months just to get the guts to take it out of the box and try using it. Now, when I was in middle school it was a requirement that everyone had to take cooking/sewing classes. Somehow I bypassed that requirement and never really wanted to learn how to sew until now. I was quite busy making handmade rag quilts (6 of them) for christmas gifts this past year, but I loved how they all turned out.

Handmade for my Sister in law

Now that the holidays have passed I have been spending more time making baby items. So far I’ve only tried blankets which have all turned out to my liking, but I am hoping to try to make some clothes very soon, especially the ever so cute ruffled diaper covers.